All Eyes On Me is excited to announce that we are the first authorized Toms eyewear dealer in Canada for both Opthalmic & Sunglasses!

One of the three ways TOMS gives: Prescription Glasses

TOMS Sight Giving Partners provide each patient with a full eye exam. Then, local eye care professionals determine the corrective lenses a person needs, and provide the right pair of eyeglasses. The patient is able to choose their own new frames, and a technician “grinds” the lenses to fit the patient’s exact prescription.

One of the three ways TOMS gives: Sight-saving or restoring surgeries

Eye care professionals provide a full eye exam and, if surgery is needed, perform an eye operation. Following the surgery, they provide follow-up care and education.

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness and can be a 15-minute surgical procedure. Cataract surgery is particularly impactful as cataracts are a leading cause of blindness in the world.

One of the three ways TOMS gives: Medical treatment

Eye care professionals can treat many sight-threatening conditions, such as infection, injury or disease, by administering prescription medications and/or removing foreign objects from the eye. As is the case with undergoing surgery, each patient receives follow-up care and education.

TOMS helps give sight through our first Sight Giving Partner, SEVA FOUNDATION, and a network of professional, well-respected eye care organizations. Each Sight Giving Partner works with local eye care hospitals, surgeons and eye care staff to deliver services made possible by TOMS Eyewear purchases.

Our Giving Partners work with local teams of eye care professionals to reach remote areas that do not have regular access to eye care. Within those communities, the teams set up mobile ‘eye camps,’ where they test each person’s vision. If the person cannot be treated on site, the team will bring them to a hospital for the necessary treatment.

TOMS Eyewear purchases also support the training of local volunteers and teachers so that they can assist in screening for eye care needs within their communities and refer people needing further eye care assistance to the local eye hospital.

285 million people are blind or visually impaired. Solutions are available to cure or prevent up to 80% of these cases. 90% of people who are visually impaired live in developing countries. Without access to proper eye care, many with impaired vision face loss of productivity, falling behind in school, unemployment and social isolation.

TOMS Eyewear was created to help give sight to people in need and to contribute to the long-term sustainability of eye care organizations around the world.

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