Cari Zalloni, creator of Cazal Eyewear: 1937-2012

“A designer eyewear line that pleases everybody is unlikely to inspire. Good design must be thought-provoking.”

…So said Cari Zalloni, the man behind Cazal, who passed away this week. Having launched Cazal in 1975, Zalloni never wavered in his quest to create “maximalist” eyewear. Adored by the hip-hop scene in the 1980s, Cazal remains one of the most iconic eyewear brands in the world and certainly one of the most revered. Vintage Cazals are arguably at the very core of the collectible eyewear market, with some original models frequently fetching four-figure sums.

Cari Zalloni will be hugely missed – by his colleagues at Cazal, by the glasses industry at large, and by all the fans of his wonderful frames, a few of which we present below…

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