Trends come and go, one trend that has been timeless are Ray-Bans. They are celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year. If you wear sunglasses, chances are you have a pair of Ray-Bans in your collection!

Ray-Bans have been around since 1937, with the most recognized style being the Wayfarer, which was introduced in 1956.

Another style as popular as the Wayfarer are the Aviators, which have lenses of all colours and tints, very thin metal frames with a double or triple bridge and bayonet earpieces that hook behind the ears.

Both the Wayfarer and Aviators are considered to be the best-selling design of sunglasses. Make senses, because Ray-Bans are like status symbols, but swag symbols, no matter what the Ray-Ban preference.

Check-out these celebrities wearing classic designs from Ray-Ban.


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