Wearing make-up with glasses can help emphasize your eyes. If you normally wear make-up, you do so to emphasize your natural shape and create contrast. When you wear eyeglasses, especially with full plastic rims, your eyes can easily disappear behind the thick frames. A regular amount of make-up as you might wear without your frames not be enough to make your eyes pop, or it may not be applied in the same way. Here are a few tips for those of you who like to wear make-up with your glasses.
Light: As you normally use light colours to help create dimension when you apply eyeshadow, creams and whites are a good place to start with on your upper eyelids. Applying some of this lighter colour around the brow bone will help define your eyes better around areas where your frames will sit. Darker skin tones will benefit from more golden hues. For great contrast, if your frames are coloured, try a palette based on the complimentary (opposite) colour of your frame’s hue.

Crease: The next important step is to define your eyelid’s crease, which you can do with medium warm shades of brown. Follow the crease-line with your brush, always keeping the colour above the eyelid and blend it once the colour is applied.
makeup with glasses - how to
Liner: Be aware of the colour of your frames before applying eyeliner. Natural shades in brown are typically the best solution for everyday wear, with varying shades for different skin tones. If you wear black frames, brown is your best option, because it does not contrast heavily. You can also play with bold colours, like a brilliant blue, from behind plastic rims or rimless glasses for a funky look. An important tip to keep in mind when working on your eyeliner is to avoid making it thick on the inside, since a combination of rims and ticker inner lids will make your eyes look too close together. If you have darker skin, you may have to add a thin line on your bottom lid to balance the look.

Lashes: When wearing frames, it is more important than ever to emphasize your lashes, which can easily disappear behind your glasses. A good quality mascara should evenly part all of your lashes and give them enough extension to make your eyes pop. You may need to look at extra length-defining product since you need a bit more emphasis on your eyes than you would without frames.

Brows: The last important tip you need to keep in mind is emphasizing your brows; even if your eyes are perfectly defined, your look may just not be complete without that last punctuating statement. This is especially crucial if you are wearing large glasses with thicker rims, which will naturally cover up part of your eyebrows. The best way to
do this is by sticking to a colour as close to your natural shade as possible, or a shade darker, to keep them from sticking out too much. Remember, you already have frames around your eyes that are commanding attention, so you don’t want to make your eyebrows look so dark that compete.

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