Created in 1972 by Japanese optical lens company Yamamoto Kogaku and VAN Jacket Inc., EYEVAN first launched 42 different variations and 27 different styles of eyewear.



In 1985, EYEVAN exhibited their brand at Optic Fair West in Anaheim, California. With this launch, customers, New York Times, and even celebrities became familiar with the brand which initiated EYEVAN to create the concept of “eyeglasses as a fashion item” and change their direction to become more fashion based.

EYEVAN 7285 reconstructed the brand based on products and concepts of handwritten drawings and production methods of EYEVAN craft when it was launched in 1972 and its global debut in 1985 – hence the renaming of the brand to EYEVAN 7285.



EYEVAN 7285 today brings out the personality of those that wear them with 46 variations and 11 different styles of eyewear. The company continues to plan, design, produce and manufacture their products in Japan.

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