Not all lenses are created equal. Not everyone uses their eyes the same way. Whether you find yourself sitting behind a computer for 8 hours, or spending your days in the beating sun, you have options. Our team will take the time to educate you on those options and help select the best lens for your visual needs.


At All Eyes on Me we value quality, and don’t believe you should be walking around with uncoated lenses. The following lens coatings are included at no charge with all purchases:

Anti Reflective Coatings

Helps reduce light scatter that can cause disruptive glare and provides clean and clear vision

Scratch Resistant Coatings

Strengthens the surface of the lens to make it more resistant to scratches and wear and tear.

UV Protection

Blocks harmful UV rays which can be detrimental to overall eye health.

Types Of Lenses

Progressive Lenses

If you’re constantly searching for that sweet spot in your progressives, chances are you’re in a poorly fitted lens. Progressive lenses are not “one-size fits all”; instead, they should be customized based on your visual needs.

Polarized Lenses

Sun protection is important to your ocular health, that’s a given. Did you know that polarized lenses cut out enough glare so you can actually see beneath the surface of water? These lenses are ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time outdoors, or anyone who just wants to see more clearly while wearing sunglasses.

Anti-Fatigue Lenses

This lens design is relatively new, but don’t let that fool you. Anti-fatigue lenses put in a lot of grunt work so our eyes can feel more comfortable as we spend countless hours staring at our screens and devices. Whether you experience eye fatigue, are constantly removing your glasses, or are interested in the latest technologies, talk to one of our optometrists today to learn if this lens is suitable for you.

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