Lid Debridement

Debridement is a procedure that cleans up the lid margin. It removes keratin and debris from the openings of the meibomian (tear) glands which can obstruct the ability of the glands to secrete the oils needed by our tears. Keratin deposits can be a predisposing factor of blepharitis, which is excessive inflammation and debris around the eyelids. Debridement on its own has been shown to provide significant symptom relief and improved function of the tear glands. Combined with other treatments the technique can have a synergistic effect and is a key tool in dry eye management.

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Tuesday, March 17th, 2020

To our valued patients,

In light of the recent changes related to COVID-19, we will be rescheduling all routine eye care appointments until April 6th.

If you are experiencing an ocular emergency, please call (905) 257-0000 or email The following are considered ocular emergencies and require an urgent visit within 24-48 hours.

1. Chemicals splashed into the eye within the last hour
2. Sudden loss or decrease in vision, or the appearance of a cloudy veil in front of the eye
3. Foreign body in the eye, ocular injury or forceful trauma to the eye or surrounding area
4. Sudden onset of persistent, severe pain in or around the eye or with movement of the eye
5. Sudden onset of flashing lights and/or floaters
6. Sudden onset of double vision (seeing 2 constant, distinct images)

If you are experiencing a red/pink eye, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

All the best,

The All Eyes on Me Team