Technology, quality and style has always characterized the tradition of Ray-Ban and confirm its status as global myth, that conquers who appreciate its distinctive character, bold and unconventional.

The origin of the brand is a legend. It goes back to the twenties and part of a technological challenge. The first Ray-Ban are born to protect U.S. air force pilots from glare at high altitudes, but soon become the preferred eyewear of Hollywood stars and are imposed as objects of worship. Over time, the creation of new models with lenses and original shapes, made with advanced materials, constructed a myth that captivates generations.

Today the myth is renewed thanks to a collection that redefines tradition by continuing search for unpublished materials and stylistic elements.


First, comes a completely new range for Ray Ban Tech. Following the carbon fiber and titanium, players from past seasons, now it’s up to LiteForce début in the eyewear sector. This is a cutting edge material (particularly thermoplastic) which offers an unsurpassed level of lightness and strength. It is the first time it is used in the world of optics, hitherto regarded as an ideal material for the automotive, aerospace, electronic and medical.


The LiteForce, used in the legendary Ray-Ban Aviator model and a square shaped sports model offers the same strength as traditional frames and even greater flexibility: an extraordinary result that translates into comfort and fit to face unprecedented.

The iconic Ray-Ban Aviator sun thinner, lighter and innovative, which will conquer the young lovers of timeless teardrop-shaped sunglasses. Shiny black, green, brown and blue opaque.



New member of the range -Ray Ban Round, with a characteristic round shape and vintage inspired very significant new variants. The luxurious aesthetic Craft, skin sewn entirely by hand (which in past seasons reinterpreted some of the most legendary Ray-Ban), updated with precious details of the models most popular sun.

A round metal frame covered in leather with glass lenses, and iconic even today.

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