Emily HollandEmily Holland

I wanted to like this place because it has so many positive reviews but it’s honestly been a nightmare to deal with them. Not sure what the experience is if you’re getting a prescription for glasses but if you’re a contact lens wearer, make sure to ask what you’re getting out of the appointment before you commit. They charge $125 for the initial exam (which is described as a full eye exam and eye health exam - I was there for 2h) and then if you want your contact lens prescription, you have to pay an additional $75 to have them “fitted” (even if you are just re-ordering the same lenses you wore to the original appointment...). In my case, they won’t release my current contact prescription to me, nor share it with other optometrists in the area unless I pay for the second appointment. There are a lot of other optometrists in Milton that provide better service and are more professional to deal with. 100% would not recommend.

JAMES McLaughlinJAMES McLaughlin

This best was great. Jeremy helped me and even though I'm a bit picky with my choices, he was able to help me find something that works exactly as I want. I'm extremely happy I found this place and highly recommend them. Don't fall for a cheaper price, pick these guys as you get the best products and you get the best service I have ever had in purchasing new glasses and sunglasses. And a special shoutout to Jeremy. He was great!

Gursimer SandhuGursimer Sandhu

Dr. Jatana was friendly and helpful in my encounter with her. Her knowledge in optometry is a given, but what really sets her apart is her understanding of modern fashion and how to make glasses look good on you. The glasses she picked for me still get complimented and that is quality in service you can't find easily. 10/10 would recommend

G M RoseG M Rose

Great place to experience excellent customer service and fun eyeglass frames - very happy customer since 2014

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