In the cradle of la dolce vita, off the coast of Italy, in the wild cliffs of the island of Capri, is the Casa Malaparte. A magnificent piece of architecture becomes a unique design: an absolute creation alive with Capri Collection Edition.

A Spectacular video presentation of sunglasses, Persol Capri Edition designed the image of the Casa Malaparte, a modern architectural work of 1937 long regarded as the Italian Rationalist architect Adalberto Libera and currently attributed to its owner, writer, playwright and diplomatic Curzio Malaparte , built in one of the most beautiful places in the world, on the side of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, east of Capri in Italy. Its profile follows the course of the cliff, as a natural extension, while the large terrace, which is accessed by a ladder trapezoidal perfectly embedded in the rocks, extending into the sea.

The New arrow Victor

Persol New Arrow Victor
The silver arrow, distinctive symbol of Persol has been carefully renovated to evoke the elegance of the characteristic profile of the house.

Meflecto System as “C”

Inspired by the curve of the wall located on the oblique white house. The Meflecto, one of the hallmarks of Persol sunglasses, takes its form from the curved white wall that crowns the roof.

This piece of apparent simplicity, was included in the parts of the house in the 30’s and was a breakthrough that seeks the comfort of who takes the glasses. This system provides flexibility to the rods, eliminating the pressure on the head and allowing it to adapt to each user.

During the production process, always by hand, are inserted into the pin acetate nylon or metal cylinder and crossing with a flexible core of harmonic steel . This process requires more than 10 additional processing steps with respect to a normal mount.

Details Precious

Persol Capri edition
The stairs leading to the roof are also present, this time as recorded in the ends of the rods .

The Collection Persol Capri Edition consists of two models:

The PO 3024S Mens and PO 3025S and Women, with a more rounded frame.

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