Oliver Peoples and Takahiro Miyashita team up for another Soloist series! This time, handmade in Japan entirely of titanium, these beauties are classic and minimal. Innovative menswear designer The Soloist is well known for recycling, reinterpreting and envisioning new forms of classic models.

This latest Soloist collaboration features three previously seen shapes in the Soloist 2 release, now reinvented in light-weight titanium. Appropriately named New Nolly, New Polly and New Jimmy. These shapes come in three metallic finishes: brushed brass, shiny rose-gold and antique silver. This joining of vintage shapes with modern materials creates a futuristic-antique feel.

The Soloist is known for his attention to detail and quirky sensibility. In this collaboration the demonstrative lenses are lightly tinted in hues of rose, blue and gold that are suitable for indoor-outdoor wear. Takahiro Miyashita intentionally laminated the words “left-eye” within the left lens of each pair, drawing peculiar attention to his left-handedness.

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