Summer is fast approaching, and with summer comes fabulous sunglasses in all colors and shapes. This is great and all, but with all those wonderful shades and opticals, there comes a time when they need to be taken off or switched and what do you do with them?

Putting them on your head is seriously taboo. It stresses the frame and stretches the fit. If are a consistent offender you are putting the temples (the ‘arms’ of your glasses) at risk of damage and breaking.

Stashing them on the collar of your shirt is an ill-fated move that generally results with them crashing to the floor when you bend over or really move at all.

Pockets are just not a good idea for the obvious reason that they are easily scratched and broken.

Setting them down just anywhere means higher chance of losing them, sitting on them, or having them become your pet’s new favourite chew toy.

And let’s be honest, taking them off and putting them in a case takes time and effort and most of us are lazy.

Well fear not my dear friends! We have the solution at All Eyes On Me.

La Loop was created by designer Elizabeth Faraut based on necessity – she wanted a place to keep her eyewear when not using it that still looked fashionable.  Elizabeth even still travels to trade shows to personally choose gems and stones to be used

La Loop is very popular and is sold in over 16 countries.  La Loops are made from the highest quality materials including sterling silver, real wood, even fresh water pearls, shells from New Zealand, and leather from Northern Italy!

La Loops also make the perfect Mother’s Day gift since they are stylish and functional.  If your mom wears glasses she’d love the La Loop!

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