Anti-Fatigue Lenses

This lens design is relatively new, but don’t let that fool you. Anti-fatigue lenses put in a lot of grunt work so our eyes can feel more comfortable as we spend countless hours staring at our screens and devices. On average we glance at our phones as many as 80 times per day!

The key difference between an anti-fatigue lens and a traditional single vision lens is the number of zones of clarity. In an anti-fatigue lens there are 2 zones of clarity – a clear zone dedicated to distance vision, and a relax zone dedicated to near vision. It’s important to note that this is not the same as a progressive lens, which has 3 defined focal points (as opposed to zones).

Whether you experience eye fatigue, are constantly removing your glasses, or are interested in the latest technologies, talk to one of our optometrists today to learn if this lens is suitable for you.

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