Care For Your Contact Lenses

The Do’s and Dont’s on care for your Contact Lenses:


  • Wash and rinse your hands before you handle your lens. Clean, rinse, and disinfect your lens each time you remove them.
  • Handle your lens with your fingertips, avoiding any contact with your fingernails.
  • Apply hair spray before inserting your lens. Apply make-up after inserting your lens.
  • Store lens in a leak-proof lens case when they are not being worn, and disinfect before use.
  • Clean and disinfect one lens at a time to avoid mixing up the left and right lens.
  • Use a lens case that clearly indicates left and right.
  • Replace your lens and your lens case on a regular basis – visit your eye practitioner to discuss the most suitable lens replacement schedule for you.
  • Keep the caps of your solutions closed when not in use.
  • Use solution before expiration date marked on bottle.
  • Schedule yearly appointments with your eye care practitioner.


  • Do not re-use any lens care solutions.
  • Do not use saline to disinfect your lens.
  • Do not use eye drops or solutions not intended for use with contact lenses.
  • Do not mix any eye medication with lens care solutions except under medical supervision.
  • Do not use eye make-up in the inner margin of the eyelids as small particles could be transferred onto the surface of your lens.

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