In 86% of dry eye cases, the underlying root cause is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which is essentially a disruption of the tear glands in the eyelids. The only FDA-approved treatment currently available to treat MGD is LipiFlow. LipiFlow works to relieve any obstructions in the tear glands by applying a combination of localized heat and gentle pulsations. This revolutionary treatment for dry eyes is available at All Eyes on Me.


The treatment is comfortable and performed in our Oakville location. By alleviating the obstructions and opening the glands, the body is able to resume natural production of the oils needed for healthy tears.

LipiFlow treatment may reduce your dependency on artificial tears, warm compresses, and other time-consuming efforts for temporary relief of your dry eye symptoms. In one clinical study, 79% of patients reported improved overall dry eye symptoms within four weeks of a single LipiFlow treatment. Schedule a dry eye consultation with our optometrists today to learn if Lipiflow is the right treatment for your dry eyes.  

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