Progressive Lenses

If you’re constantly searching for that sweet spot in your progressives, chances are you’re in a poorly fitted lens. Progressive lenses are not “one-size fits all”; instead, they should be customized based on your visual needs.

There are many parameters that factor in to how comfortable you will feel behind the lenses and how clear you will see. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is the depth of your frame. A narrow frame design will affect your ability to pinpoint the correct viewing spot in the lens, which can often lead to frustration. Once you have the correct frame size picked out, our expert staff review the design options and help you select the most comfortable lens for you. Measurements are essential to achieve maximal comfort, and must be taken while wearing your frames.

All Eyes on Me is pleased to offer an extensive variety of premium progressive lenses offered by Nikon, the leader in lens technology in North America.

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