Mibo Thermoflo

Mibo Thermoflo (Miboflo) is an alternative treatment option for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), which is typically the root cause of dry eyes. Unlike LipiFlow, which applies heat to the eyelids from the inside, Miboflo applies heat from the outside of the eyelids.

The applicator is filled with a gel and gently massaged over the eyelids. Each eye is treated for 10 minutes to enable the hardened lipids/oils in the glands to melt and alleviate any obstructions. This procedure is highly effective for patients experiencing contact lens discomfort, as it helps maintain a lubricated surface for the lenses to sit. A bonus side effect of this treatment is patients often report an improvement in puffiness and under eye circles! MiboFlo has also shown to be effective at treating styes in their early stages.

All treatments are performed in our dedicated Dry Eye Suite, which is fully equipped with relaxing and calming scents and sounds to make your treatment feel more like a spa.

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